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Are You an Entrepreneurial Leader? Do you love to give to others and share your knowledge? Are you are able to draw out the best in others? Are you able to guide conversations?

If so, Power Peer Groups is seeking entrepreneurial leaders, just like you, to start, lead and grow professional power peer groups throughout North America.

We've made it easy.

Power Peer Pros is here to guide you and support you to start and successfully lead a group of "like minded" individuals (or companies)... A group of professional who are ready to send the numbers off the charts... ready to increase effectiveness and live a better better parents...or to benefit a favorite cause.

There are few areas Power Peer Groups can not help be more fun and rewarding. From artists to xbox fanatics peers are ready to get together, to share and grow.

Heres how we help you launch and grow your own peer group..

We will customize your own platform on igoals9. igoals9 is a unique and unmatched platform where you and your group will assess, plan, commit and achieve. igoals9 is the difference that makes the REAL difference. Learn more here

We will train and guide you to lead a power peer group of your own. (or lead it for you (*additional fees apply)

Provide a private Facebook Group. Build your community. Share the fun, successes and growth.

Provide added value through Induction and Training Video, Webinars and "HangOuts" specifically designed for YOUR peer group. Together we will keep each and every member engaged and growing.

It's simple. Click the Start one/Join One tab. Select Start One. Pay the one time set up fee of $497. We'll get you up and running as quickly as possible.

It's affordable. Each member will pay an annual fee of $299. to join your peer platform. Including the platform, training videos, private Face Book group, monthly webinar and/or google hang out. Additional coaching/mentoring can be contracted through Power Peer Groups for on an as needed basis for your group.

So what do you say...Let's get started. Click here!

See What Power Peer Group Members Are Saying

"I find the Goal Genesis tool to be indispensable when it comes to assisting clients with creating structured actions that lead to increased accountability, job satisfaction, and goal accomplishment. The platform easily allows me to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and provide timely assistance to anyone and everyone within a given organization."

- Greg Marchand
CEO, Automotive Aftermarket Training
"The beauty of Goal Genesis is in it's simplicity. By allowing you to track and record your goals in a simple, easy to use format, the system allows you to achieve without draining your time or mental energy. Your time and energy can be spent on the tasks that will move you towards your goals instead of wasting hours fumbling with a cumbersome system. Goal Genesis allows me to track my agents progress and successes in real time, even when I am not able to have a conversation with them."

- Locke Haman
Broker/Owner, EXIT New Options Real Estate
"Phil Cicio and I built this for leaders in all businesses and organizations. I use if for my brokers and agents everyday. Try it and see for yourself."

- Bill Foss
Co-Founder, Goal Genesis

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