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Managers, executives and CEOs who are trying to develop their peoples' strengths (knowledge, skills and talents) to fully fill their role "In the Driving Seat" need all the help they can get. BUT...why not make it easier?

The power of a peer group WILL make a pivotal difference!

As you consider the benefits of high minded exchanges with like minded people is powerful and I'm sure you agree, the reality is none of us is as smart as all of us.

"a trusting peer group can be a powerful process for innovation, helping master opportunities, accelerate personal improvement, enhance problem solving, overcoming challenges and issues of all shapes, sizes and descriptions."

A peer group of non-organizational peers is free of any conflicts of interest, hidden agendas and any other dynamics which diminish one's powerful potential. Because our system allows peers to select a "peer pal/partner" other than the "boss" the perception of leadership control and meddling is minimized, open communication and learning improved.

So why is it a human capital investment, so proven as peer groups have been, is not more pervasive...especially inside businesses, large corporations and public organizations? And what can be done about it?

Now You Can Leverage POWER Peer Groups

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See What Power Peer Group Members Are Saying

"I find the Goal Genesis tool to be indispensable when it comes to assisting clients with creating structured actions that lead to increased accountability, job satisfaction, and goal accomplishment. The platform easily allows me to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and provide timely assistance to anyone and everyone within a given organization."

- Greg Marchand
CEO, Automotive Aftermarket Training
"The beauty of Goal Genesis is in it's simplicity. By allowing you to track and record your goals in a simple, easy to use format, the system allows you to achieve without draining your time or mental energy. Your time and energy can be spent on the tasks that will move you towards your goals instead of wasting hours fumbling with a cumbersome system. Goal Genesis allows me to track my agents progress and successes in real time, even when I am not able to have a conversation with them."

- Locke Haman
Broker/Owner, EXIT New Options Real Estate
"Phil Cicio and I built this for leaders in all businesses and organizations. I use if for my brokers and agents everyday. Try it and see for yourself."

- Bill Foss
Co-Founder, Goal Genesis

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